Welcome Whidbey Island Sheep

Welcome Whidbey Island Sheep

These sheep come from the amazing Miles Family up on Whidbey Island.

Steve and Susan (our friends from college) have their own amazing little slice of heaven up on Whidbey Island. They have a killer dome for growing veggies (Dome Skrilla) they also raise goats, turkeys and sheep. Susan makes amazing goat milk soap and has for years as well: Maple Hill Goat Milk Soap… I am grateful to say that my family hasn’t had to use a bar of conventional soap in over 5-6 years if not longer. Not only is that soap wonderful for your skin – but Susan has a gift for creating some of the best feeling and smelling soap I have ever had.

So, back to sheep. We purchased a total of 7 of their lambs (one who is a yearling and came with a baby). We plan to raise 3-4 lambs for meat, we will keep a couple ewes for breeding and two bottle fed lambs as pets and to help with pasture management. We also may sell the wool to those interested in fiber. These sheep are a cross between East Friesian (a milking breed also good for fleece/meat) and the father was Dorset (a meat breed). Dorset fleece is also good, just courser and stronger.

Ma (the yearling) is very vocal. Steve and Susan were laughing as they drove away about her I think. She has a deep voice and likes to talk. The two bottle babies are so sweet and love to be pet and they all love a little sweet grain. Ma loves her a bit of alfalfa pellets too.

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