Gardening is part of our family

Gardening is part of our family

Growing up, my parents always had a large family garden. Their parents always had one too. Bruce and I have had a family garden since we purchased our first home together in Corbett Oregon. Both of our boys were raised with a garden in their lives.

Aside from the pleasure of watching food grow, and knowing it is a great healthy option for our family – there is also a significant cost savings for food as well. Part of the fun of having a much larger garden now is also sharing the produce with friends, family and neighbors.

10458926_10203344953217405_6426551220022994646_nOne of our garden-related-memories is of Gary when he was little (he is the oldest of our two boys) when he let himself into our garden and ate all the little broccoli florets off the plants. (In his defense, he was pretty young…. and they were the perfect bite-size.) So there was a bit of a learning curve about why we need to leave those there until they are a bit bigger…. but each year when we put in our broccoli – we giggle remembering him doing this.

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